3D Printed Terrain

The Story of Canvas Temple 3D printing:

Like many of you, I am a father. I have 2 wonderful children, currently ages 12 and 15, a boy and a girl. My daughter, Lauren, has always expressed a keen interest in business as well as technology, while my son, Jack, is very much a gamer. I wanted to set something up for them to be able to participate in a business enterprise so that they could learn about all of the things they were so interested in. 3D printing is very gadgety in that the printers we built from DIY kits, and we also built computerized add-ons for them in the form of Raspberry Pi controllers and the like. They also require a fair bit of care and maintenance, all of which they are learning to do through this enterprise. And for their efforts, they get to see a bit of reward in the form of sales via this website.

So in reality, the CTP 3D printing enterprise is about teaching Lauren and Jack how to run a business, about technology, and about gaming! So I thank you for your interest in what we are doing, and I thank you even more for your support in helping me educate my kids!

Canvas Temple Publishing has acquired the rights to print for resale several lines of 3D printed terrain for your miniatures games. We currently have 12 printers, and will print orders as we receive them.

3D Printing is not a fast process, so depending upon backlog and size of order, please allow several weeks for printing and delivery.

Our lines include terrain for Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Historical Miniatures wargaming.

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